Like a Spine, supporting the body and its various functions, marketing is the backbone of business, supporting the various divisions that make up an organisation. It’s a critical component of the central nervous system which drives the activities of the body – as does marketing drive the critical activities of your business.


Spine Marketing and Communications Solutions, founded in 2010, was established to address the need for integrated, holistic communication solutions that incorporate every aspect of a specialised marketing mix, a necessity for every successful organisation, large or small.


Made up of a core team of experts with over 20 years experience in the industry - whether as an extension of the existing marketing team, a once off intervention or as a full communications and project management arm to the business - Spine offers an affordable way to connect with your stakeholders, collaborating well planned resources, aligning your marketing strategy with your business strategy using an integrated 360-degree approach.

Spine aims to be the cornerstone of your marketing and communications team and through strategic management on a higher level, ensures that the critical components of your business are topics of real conversation.